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Whether you are a business owner installing new LED lighting or a general contractor rewiring an apartment complex, Alaka'i is 100% dedicated to making you satisfied.

Through rigorous and constant research, we find out what our clients want, and anticipate their needs before they have ask.

We combine this customer focus with the latest methods and technology in customer service, making every step of your project transparent, start to finish.



Getting clear answers about electrical problems can be intimidating. We work with you to take the mystery out of electrical repair and find cost effective solutions. Putting you in the driver seat is our goal.


Quality electrical work and good value is just part of the story. You deserve friendly, prompt service from a technician who respects your time and business. You also deserve to feel fully informed and in control. That’s the Alaka'i difference.



Giving you the best electrical service in Maui is our goal. That's why we make sure our back office operations, scheduling, and client communications are as professional as our electricians.

By combining highly skilled electricians with our processes for ensuring that every detail is captured, we provide you with an outstanding experience, from the day you call us until your final building inspection.

Call us to learn more about how professionalism makes us the best electricians in Maui.


Congratulations to our 2021 first quarter employee,

Ernesto “Junior” Tadeo

Our Mentor, Our Friend, Our Dad

Ken Means Pic.jpg

This time around, the voting was done by the last 2 former employees of the quarter and lead supervisors.

Excellent choice as he is one of the most respected employees by our customers. Most service call customers literally request for Junior specifically and always making sure that we at Alakai Electric is aware of the excellent job he performed and the highest respect he has for his customers. He takes his work seriously and rarely misses a day of work. Smart, eager to learn, independent, hard worker, dependable and a great team player makes Junior a no brainer for this first of the year quarter win.


Congratulations Junior!


Rest in Peace & Love

Kenneth C Means

June 19, 1938 - November 7, 2020

Congratulations Leandro Grando for being our 2020, 3rd quarter Outstanding Employee

Our pick this quarter was done by the company’s officers. But no doubt would also be a choice picked by his co-workers.


Leandro has been with Alaka’i Electric for 8 yrs now. He is an independent, reliable, problem solver and one of the hardest workers we have ever known. Leandro has determination that is beyond most people’s expectations which is why he can run large and multiple projects with perfection. His co-workers look up to him and if anyone should have the opportunity to watch him on our projects, you will instantly know why.


We are beyond proud to have him on our Team and we thank you for being part of our Family.


Congratulations Leandro!


Congratulations James Alger for being our 2020, 2nd quarter Outstanding Employee!

James has been with Alakai Electric since January 2005, over 15 yrs. Although we mention him as an outstanding employee, he is more like family. James initially came to work with Alaka’i Electric in 2005 with some Electrical education but no experience on the field, but by the end of 2005, he seemed to be as knowledgeable as a 5 year employee on both residential and commercial projects. He catches on and learns very quickly. Not to mention he is a very hard and dedicated worker.

He was chosen this quarter, by his co-workers. Our team members really respect and appreciate him as he does the same for them. He is a true team player! If there is a problem, he is always quick to think of a solution rather than dwell or complain. If a team member needs help, he is quick to lend a hand. If personnel need answers, he will quickly investigate and report to us immediately. Our customers always have positive words to share with us about him and ask for him personally. James has never missed a day of work unless it was to join his cross-country students on an off island meet, since he is also their coach. And on his days off, if not spending it with his wife and 2 girls…. he is constantly volunteering throughout the community.


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